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“Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world”

- Nelson Mandela

Professional Development

professional_development_iconTo provide educators of African American children with research based training experiences.


research_iconTo identify educational practices that demonstrate excellence in the school performances.


communication_iconTo periodically publish monographs, special issue papers and research reports.

Scholarship & Grants

scholarship_grant_iconTo award financial aid to eligible students pursuing careers in education.

The mission of the National Alliance of Black School Educators Foundation, Inc. (NABSEF) is to receive and administer funds for educational, scientific, and charitable purposes; to support programs of the National Alliance of Black School Educators, Inc.; to receive donations and grants from any source; and to invest the proceeds and/or expand such donations and/or the process thereof for the purpose stated above.

NABSEF Awards $45,000.00 Grant

In 2019 NABSEF awarded NABSE a $45.000.00 grant to support the following NABSE’s BIG 6 National Priorities  that are relevant to the current needs of students and educators:

     *  Improvement of Student Outcomes
     *  Leadership Development Institutes & Career Advancements Programs
     *  Educators Recognition
     * Legislative Involvement
     * Research and Best Practices Clearinghouse
     * Redesign the Economic model of NABSE


Scholarship Winners 2018- Baltimore, Maryland

Jasmine Player

Mariah McKenzie

Raquel Legaspi

Trent Williams

Taylor Warner

Dominique Waters

Utopia Diabe

Kevin Etheridge

Breonna Stratton

Makaila Brown

Each student was awarded a $1000 scholarship


Scholarship Winners 2017- New Orleans, Louisiana

Larry Stewart-Davis

    Edwin Jones III

    Javohn Washington

    Justin Paul Gibson

    Austin Christian

   Kendall Pierre, Jr.

    Lauryn Scott

   Destinee Rogers

   Phalyn LaBranche

   Mychelle Nguyen

   Ra’Janae Morris

   Gretchen E. Borne

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